Quality Assurance For The Fresh Food Industry.

Australian Quality Assurance Pty Ltd.

Australian Quality Assurance has been involved in the food and transport industries for many years, a small group of professional people building HACCP food safety systems for a wide range of industries such as:
• Growers
• Butchers
• Bakers
• Food processors
• Restaurants
• Wholesale / Retail Fruit & Veg
• Transport Industry
• Other industries seeking HACCP certification to undergo work in a food safety premises

Other services include:
• Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue (BFM)
• Trucksafe
• Internal Auditing
• Quarterly Compliance
• Record Keeping
• Occupational Health and Safety training & systems
• Food safety training and relief Quality Assurance personnel.
• External Food Safety Audits

What is HACCP?

H = Hazard
A = Analysis
C = Critical
C = Control
P = Point

HACCP is all about risk management
it is about a systematic technique or process designed to:

Identify Hazards
Determine the Critical Control Points (CCP)
Establish critical limits for each (CCP)
Establish a system to monitor control of the (CCP’s)
Establish the Corrective Actions to be taken
Establish Verification procedures and then
Establish Documentation

Why have a HACCP food safety system?

One of the main reasons for implementing a documented food safety system is to demonstrate to your customers your willingness to supply safe, quality food all the time. Major supermarkets are now going all the way with Quality Assurance, and using it as a tool to advertise.

Another reason is litigation, should you or anyone involved in you business supply food which turns out to have been contaminated by a process performed by you or whilst in your care you are liable for prosecution.
What happens if there is a food recall and what damage to your business will result in a public recall? How much in dollars & cents will this bad publicity cost you?

A documented HACCP food safety system will give you access to markets previously unatainable.

Who needs a HACCP food safety system?

Any company that is involved in cooking, processing, growing, transporting, supplying or serving fresh, frozen or any type of food.

What is a Hazard?

A Hazard is any biological, chemical, or physical agent in, or condition of, food with the potential to cause an adverse health effect.

Macrobiological - Flies & Cockroaches
Microbiological - Bacterial, Fungus, Viruses, Microscopic Parasitic, Algae
Pathogens are common to all foods, they originate in the gut of mammals and carried on food and by people and animals.

Glass, Wood, Stones, Sticks, Insects, Plastic, Jewellery
Mycotoxins (example aflatoxins)
Heavy Metals
Food Additives

How do we control these Pathogens?

Over time, Temperature, Nutrition, Acidity
Staff Training
Pest Control


The elements involved in building a HACCP food safety system (Pre-requisites)

Calibration - Equipment involved in food safety or quality, example - scales, coolrooms, freezers, cooking equipment that requires calibrating to achieve operating consistency.

Cleaning - A cleaning schedule must be developed and documented to reflect the company’s attitude towards cleanliness.

Approved Suppliers - An approved supplier programme must be implemented to achieve safe & consistent quality of raw materials being received at the premises. This means that to avoid purchasing possibly contaminated food, packaging, cleaning chemicals or ingredients we must use suppliers that meet our specifications and have an appropriate food safety system in place, if we choose not to use approved suppliers then we may be liable in the event of a food poisoning outbreak.

Training - All persons in the employ of your business that have an impact on food safety or quality must be trained, and this training must be documented.

GMP/GHP - (Good Manufacturing Practises / Good Hygiene Practises) All persons in the employ of your business must receive training in hygiene, cleaning and the approved method of carrying out tasks that may be a risk to product integrity e.g poor handling or contamination.

What benefit will I gain from having a HACCP food safety system?

• Your customers will know that you are serious about food safety
• You may use your accreditation in advertising
• You will be on a level playing field with all the major hotels, resorts & food manufacturers
• Improved consistency of product
• Reduced liability risks
• Improved competitiveness
• Enhanced reputation
• Reduced waste & rework
• Increased product efficiency
• Improved employee involvement
• Improved return on investment


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